For me, capturing the beauty and majesty of black bears in pictures is far more than crafting good photographic art. For me, taking perfect pictures of black bears is a portal to my passion, which is spending time with the bears right there in their world. Heading out with my camera, quietly climbing into a ground blind and settling in to patiently wait for an appearance is as exciting and invigorating as you’d expect, but for me it is also an exercise in peace and contentment.

Leaving the stresses of life behind, I am empowered by the natural world of these wondrous animals. Watching a protective mother bear instinctively care for her cubs, or snapping photos of these magnificent creatures eating or even fighting, creates a sense of balance and wellbeing that I can carry home and spread throughout my busy life. It gives me great pleasure to know that black bear décor for homes has become an important design tool, since I have come to know well the power of black bear pictures to inspire and calm.

I hope you’ll love the photos on this site and that they enrich your life as much as creating them has enriched mine. I’m so thankful to share these black bear images for others to enjoy and to make then a part of their homes. It is a gift I truly treasure.

All My Best, Rhonda Sweetman

Bear lifted me up so I could see all the Earth. He said I may jump high among the cliffs, and live forever. 

Full Mouth (Crow) 




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