Want to bring the freshness and glow of the great outdoors into your home? It’s not as daunting a task as you may think. Rustic cabin décor can enhance and infuse any space with beauty as well as bounce! Browse our Black Bear Images collection and keep in mind the simple steps to successful and unique wildlife décor:

  • Choose a theme, such as wildlife, woodsy environment, mountains or lakes, even western or ranch themes work well for rustic décor.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix things up to suit your personal taste.
  • Add a splash of color that reflects the beauty of nature.
  • Most importantly, add samples of enthralling art, like those from Black Bear Images’ impressive collection of photographic works of art. They will turn any space into a haven of natural beauty.

Black Bear Images offers a wide and varied collection of photographic art for log cabin or log home décor, such as this majestic depiction of a black bear in the wild. Against the backdrop of this authentic log home wall, the exquisite black bear picture beckons to admirers who are enthralled by this magnificent animal. Posed as though she is watching the photographer, she is depicted against a lovely autumn background of reds, golds and natural shades of the forest. Paired with other rustic or log home décor, including mounted game, antlers, woodsy lighting fixtures and wall covering, the bear is in his element, and you will be also.

Not commonly known, black bears are not all black. Their fur actually ranges across a palette that includes several shades of brown, gold, red and black.  The impressive fellow shown here is a warm shade of cherry/brown, captured on film as he enjoys a sunny summer day in his forest home.  Expertly framed and displayed against a homey wood grained paneled wall, he has found the perfect place among the wildlife décor accents included in this room. Beautiful wildlife pictures and framed art add flair and a relaxing vibe to every space, and black bear pictures from Black Bear Images breathe life into what might be an otherwise ho hum rustic décor scheme.

Rustic home décor has come into its own as designers seek to create the comfortable,  woodsy feel of the great outdoors in the homes of their clients. Whether it is a cozy log cabin or a spacious lodge, the popular element for any idyllic decorating scheme is the inclusion of majestic pictures of black bears. Rustic home décor plans include iconic pieces such as this one. They are sure to bring the best of the great outdoors inside, dazzling the eye, and kicking up the wow factor for every space.




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