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Photographic art that brings the magnificence of the majestic North American black bear into your space is exactly what you will find in the gallery of Black Bear Images. Rhonda Sweetman’s breathtaking works of black bear art photography will transform your home or office, lending your decor the grace and beauty of nature itself, featuring these elusive, amazing creatures. Expertly captured in motion or at rest, the black bears in these framed black bear photos are splendidly portrayed against the mesmerizing colors and textures of the forest.

Sweetman’s works are all one of a kind, including painstaking technique that involves hours of patience and observation of these beautiful bears while waiting for that perfect shot. The results include images that seem to allow admirers a peek into the bear’s very soul.

Black Bear Images framed black bear photographs by Sweetman enhance woodsy home décor plans as well as lending an exceptional and unique artistic perspective to every space.

A Bit Of Information

Black bears found in North America are quite secretive and shy. Actually, getting quality pictures of bears is very challenging due to the nature of these animals.

Amongst the bears that can be found in North American region, black bears are the most popular. They are found mostly in forests because they are known for their excellent ability to climb trees. With such, there is no wonder why many of the black bear pictures you can see depict being one with nature. Aside from trees, these bears are also commonly found in swamps and mountains. Do not be fooled by the name. You will see images of colored bears and hear people referring to them as black bears. Black bears can also be brown, cinnamon, chocolate, blonde and multi colored.

Bears do not have a specific diet. They actually are quite diverse in what they eat. They can consume herbaceous plants, woody plants, fruit, pollen, terrestrial insects, amphibians and small mammals. Bears are also opportunistic feeders and eat plants during spring, insects and berries during summer, and berries and nuts during the fall. With such a diverse diet, it is only fair to fully appreciate them with a wide range of black and brown bear pictures. The photographs are taken in different settings to give you a feel of what it is like to be in the wild. The quality of the photographs is also quite high, and it showcases his majestic animal in all its glory.




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